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Allstate Says “Flood Insurance Not Needed” Then Denies Claim!

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A 74-year-old Navy veteran from Moore, OK, who watched his backyard pool pop more than four feet out of the ground after heavy rains in May of 2015, is dealing with another headache. Dean Willeford had his concrete pool installed back in 1986. After several days of rain, the back end of the pool popped more than four feet out of the ground three weeks ago.

Willeford said an Allstate Insurance adjuster called to tell him Allstate would not be covering his loss, because Dean doesn’t have “flood insurance.” Willeford said he’s infuriated, because he said his Allstate agent of 30 years, Gerald Jeter, told Dean three years ago that he didn’t need flood insurance, because he “doesn’t live in a flood zone.”

Dean Willeford said he’s been paying Allstate nearly $1,000 in premiums each month, and he’s been a loyal customer for 40 years. “It’s really devastated me right now. I am so mad with this insurance company. I’ve never been treated like this,” he said.

He said a contractor told him fixing his pool would cost around $15,000. Oklahoma Insurance Department Spokesperson Kelly Dexter said Mr. Willeford can file a complaint with their office, and they will investigate it.

Allstate Sued in Louisiana for Breach of Warranty and Negligence

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Anthony W. Fondaw and Josefina G. Fondaw filed a lawsuit Aug. 3 in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana, against Forest River Inc., dealer Dixie Motors, Pen Air Federal Credit Union, Interstate National Dealer Service Inc. and Allstate Property & Casualty Insurance Co., alleging breach of warranty and negligence.
According to the complaint, in June 2012, the Fondaws bought a 2009 Sportscoach RV from Dixie Motors for $251,721, along with an $11,000 extended warranty. However,  the RV’s roof, toilet and slide-out were leaky, leading to rotting of the roof and inside walls and damage to the furniture, the lawsuit says.

The suit says the RV was brought it in repeatedly for service under warranty, but the problems were not fixed. In addition, the lawsuit accuses insurance company Allstate of arbitrarily and capriciously denying the Fondaws’ claim regarding damage to the RV.

The Fondaws seek damages of more than $300,000, plus legal costs and fees. They are represented by attorney Richard C. Dalton of Mandeville.

U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana case number 2:15-cv-03180-SM-MBN.

Lauren Woodard MUGSHOT

Here’s the mugshot from the most recent arrest of Lauren Woodard. At only 32, she’s gaining quite a criminal reputation. Could it have something to do with being an associate of Michele Linca, herself having been in a relationship of “some kind” with Aaron Jay Goodrum, who eventually faced criminal charges himself?


One can only wonder if this most recent arrest, for battery, is going to have a negative impact on Woodard’s business career.

Lauren Ashley Woodard: Charged With Battery

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Lauren Woodard just cannot stay out of trouble. A while back, she had a DUI.

Now, she’s been charged with battery. It seems her trial is in September of 2015:


It is not known what, if any, consequences this will have for her professionally. Woodard’s name is frequently linked to that of Florida agent, Michele Linca.

Allstate: “Preparing for the Future” Legal Update!

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Any former Allstate employee agent who signed the Release in conjunction with the “Preparing for the Future” termination of all employee agents in 1999 or 2000 must affirmatively challenge the validity of the Release in order to pursue substantive claims against Allstate, prior to the expiration of the statute of limitations.

NAPAA has identified a law firm that is researching the case and may be able to offer representation for former employee agents. This is the law firm:

Valli Kane & Vagnini LLP

Phone: (516) 203-7180

Fax: (516) 706-0248

600 Old Country Road, Suite 519

Garden City, NY 11530

Allstate Named in Ohio Lawsuit

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14-CV-0084 – Allstate Fire & Casualty Insurance Co., v. Jalen Storm Cole Burroughs, 1519 Linden Ave., complaint for damages to motor vehicle for $11,656.



Allstate Under Investigation in Minnesota

July 26, 2013: A former agent under contract to Allstate Insurance Co. has initiated a lawsuit against the insurer alleging it violated a Minnesota statute when the company terminated him for failing to meet life insurance quotas.


Jerry Deleski, an Allstate agent for 39 years, and his attorney, Chris Daniels of Daniels & Kibort PLLC, are working with the National Association of Professional Allstate Agents Inc. (NAPAA), a nonprofit organization representing former and current agents under contract with Allstate, to determine whether Allstate violated state laws when the company terminated Deleski and other Allstate agents in Minnesota.


A spokeswoman for the Minnesota Department of Commerce confirmed that it investigated Allstate’s dismissal of Deleski and charged the company with violating the statute as well as second that required Allstate to inform Deleski of his right to a hearing before a review board. The Minnesota Department of Commerce also confirmed that in November 2012, Allstate agreed to pay a $5,000 civil penalty to the state in lieu of facing formal proceedings on the charges.


“Allstate cooperated fully with the Minnesota Department of Commerce’s investigation of Deleski’s claims, which the company resolved amicably with the department,” said an Allstate spokesman. “The company believes Deleski’s lawsuit is meritless, and the company intends to defend against it vigorously. Allstate continues to position agency owners to best serve our customers and grow the business. We are committed to helping prepare and protect our customers for all of life’s uncertainties.”


Allstate instituted a quota system in 2006 that required agents to meet specific sales goals, NAPAA said, and agents were instructed that failure to attain their quotas could result in the loss of their contracts.

Allstate Cancels Controversial California Program!

Allstate Corp., the largest publicly traded U.S. home and auto insurer, halted sales of its Your Choice Auto product in California after a consumer group said drivers were cheated.

“It is clearly a negative for Allstate,” Paul Newsome, an analyst with Sandler O’Neill & Partners LP in Chicago, said via e-mail.

“The company has been struggling to build its policy count for some time and this will not help.”

The company had touted the insurer’s Your Choice products to investors as a way to limit price competition as the U.S. market for property-casualty coverage contracted. The program costs consumers more while cutting deductibles the longer a driver goes without a claim. It also allows a policyholder to report an accident without it affecting rates.

“Your Choice Auto became a cash cow for Allstate by charging customers more than they should be paying under California’s good driver law,” said Todd M. Foreman, in-house counsel for Consumer Watchdog. “Allstate was receiving $20 million a year in extra premiums since it began selling the program in California in 2008.”

Newsome said pulling the Your Choice Auto product from the most populous U.S. state probably won’t have “a significant effect” on earnings in coming quarters.



Your Choice was created by Allstate after considering “what would the consumer want and what would they be willing to pay for?” Wilson told investors in a conference call in February. The insurer had been introducing new offerings “so we don’t compete just on price,” he said.


“Transitioning away from YCA and putting this debate behind us puts us in a stronger position to introduce even better, stronger pricing and products for California consumers,” said Bill Mellander, a spokesman for Allstate, in Sacramento. The company has about 100,000 YCA policies in force in the state, Mellander said.


“The matter is closed from our perspective,” said Ioannis Kazanis, a California Department of Insurance spokesman. “It comes down to being a business decision on Allstate’s side.”


Allstate: They Refuse to Pay, But Use Ruined Home in Advertisement Anyway!

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This is just another example of deplorable behavior by Allstate. Why are they allowed to continue to operate?

A Staten Island, New York, couple said their insurance company short-changed them after superstorm Sandy destroyed their home, and then used their house in a commercial.

In October, Sheila Traina, 64, and her husband, Dominic, 66, had evacuated their home in New Dorp Beach in response to warnings from local authorities about the storm.

Traina said a neighbor who had stayed behind called and told them the wind had knocked the roof off their two-story home but their insurer, Allstate, said the damage to their home was due to flooding.

Allstate told her it was storm surge that caused the damage, she said.

The insurance company offered the Trainas, who did not have flood insurance, about $10,000 for the damages. They say the amount is well short of the $280,000 for which their home and its contents were insured.

She said she has refused to accept the $10,000 and is planning to hire an attorney to fight for a settlement that matches the value of her home.

In the meantime, the Trainas are staying in a family member’s home that is three miles away. Her husband is retired but they have income from his late mother’s home, which they are renting.

Traina, an administrative secretary, said she had hoped to retire next year, but her plans are on hold until they can rebuild their home.

A spokeswoman from Allstate said the company is “committed to resolving the matter in accordance with the policy they purchased from our company.”

“Allstate is always focused on ensuring our customers are completely satisfied,” the spokeswoman said. “In major disasters such as Sandy, we are often the first on the scene providing financial and emotional support.”

The Trainas said they previously had flood insurance, provided by the U.S. government’s National Flood Insurance Program, but their payments were more than the reimbursement amounts they received for previous incidents.

Traditional private homeowners policies, such as those of Allstate, do not cover flood losses, the company said.

“We encourage our customers to consider flood insurance to protect themselves in ways that would not be covered under a homeowner’s policy,” Allstate said.

What the Trainas said upset them further was that an image of their damaged home was used in a commercial for Allstate.

After their Thanksgiving dinner, Traina said her husband and grandchildren were watching a football game when her grandchildren said they saw their home in a television advertisement.

“It was just a picture of our chair and our kitchen window but it was noticeable what they were showing,” she said. “It was not a happy Thanksgiving after that.”

Allstate said the advertisement “showed general images of the destruction caused by Sandy including a partial image of the Trainas’ home.”

“It does not reference them as customers or in any way imply they are satisfied with the status of their claim. We regret any concern this advertisement may have caused the Trainas and images of their home will not be included in Allstate’s advertising,” the company said.

Allstate said it has made almost $1.1 billion in claim payments and continues to work with local Allstate agencies and The Allstate Foundation’s support of non-profit organizations.

Michele Linca: Her Criminal Record From West Palm Beach

This is the criminal record of Allstate agent, Michele Linca, who is based in Jupiter, FL.



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