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Allstate Cancels Controversial California Program!

Allstate Corp., the largest publicly traded U.S. home and auto insurer, halted sales of its Your Choice Auto product in California after a consumer group said drivers were cheated.

“It is clearly a negative for Allstate,” Paul Newsome, an analyst with Sandler O’Neill & Partners LP in Chicago, said via e-mail.

“The company has been struggling to build its policy count for some time and this will not help.”

The company had touted the insurer’s Your Choice products to investors as a way to limit price competition as the U.S. market for property-casualty coverage contracted. The program costs consumers more while cutting deductibles the longer a driver goes without a claim. It also allows a policyholder to report an accident without it affecting rates.

“Your Choice Auto became a cash cow for Allstate by charging customers more than they should be paying under California’s good driver law,” said Todd M. Foreman, in-house counsel for Consumer Watchdog. “Allstate was receiving $20 million a year in extra premiums since it began selling the program in California in 2008.”

Newsome said pulling the Your Choice Auto product from the most populous U.S. state probably won’t have “a significant effect” on earnings in coming quarters.



Your Choice was created by Allstate after considering “what would the consumer want and what would they be willing to pay for?” Wilson told investors in a conference call in February. The insurer had been introducing new offerings “so we don’t compete just on price,” he said.


“Transitioning away from YCA and putting this debate behind us puts us in a stronger position to introduce even better, stronger pricing and products for California consumers,” said Bill Mellander, a spokesman for Allstate, in Sacramento. The company has about 100,000 YCA policies in force in the state, Mellander said.


“The matter is closed from our perspective,” said Ioannis Kazanis, a California Department of Insurance spokesman. “It comes down to being a business decision on Allstate’s side.”


Allstate: “Men in Security Shirts Descended On His Office”

Allstate is a funny organization. They turn a blind eye to end of misconduct on the part of certain agents, but others receive the “full frontal” treatment for even the smallest infraction:

Allstate and its manager has elected to terminate [NAME REDACTED]’s R3001 contract and have chosen not to allow him to keep his office open for the remainder of his 90 days.   It was reported to me that a manager and 4 men with security shirts descended on his office and turned everything off and took Allstate files along with personal information owned by [NAME REDACTED].   This was done at a very vulnerable time without [NAME REDACTED]’s permission.

Once again just as we think Allstate cannot sink lower …………………….they seem to find a way to do it.

Small wonder people are calling for a boycott of Allstate.


Allstate: No Action After A Year!

July 17th last year my neighbors house caught fire and nearly completely burnt to the ground. There are only 3 walls left standing and even those have been charred black in some spots. Now you would like to think that when you get house insurance that if something bad happens your policy would actually be enforced and you would get the help you need right away. This hasn’t been the case. We’re coming up on the one year anniversary of the house catching fire and Allstate still has not paid out the insurance policy. They keep going back and forth trying to stick it to the homeowner who had his house burn down. I am not even the homeowner, I’m just a neighbor who is sick and tired of seeing a burnt down house two doors down. It is dragging down the value of every house around it and is a horrible eyesore for everyone!
We have tried to call Miami Township in Clermont county Ohio but they haven’t been able to get anything done either. I guess the moral of the story is to beware of Allstate if you’re looking for house insurance that will actually insure you if some bad happens, well at least for the next year after it occurs.

Terminated for Being ONE POLICY DOWN!

“I have been an agent with Allstate for 22 years and my office partner has been here for 28 years.  We are one of the few multi agent locations left that I know of.  Allstate has decided to pull his contract after 28 years.  He has great customer sat ratios, exceptionally low loss ratios, and an excellent retention ratio.  Like many of us he did not grow last year.  Actually he only was down by 1 policy.  His life numbers weren’t great but they weren’t on the bottom.  He is 57 years old.”

A Sad Thanksgiving Tale of Lost Health Insurance Due to Allstate

How Allstate treats people…

“I left Allstate in 2000 when they fired us all.  I was with the company 23 1/2 years and was 53 years old.   I suspended my health coverage at that time.  Last year my wife’s company liquidated so we lost our health coverage.   Because we had preexisting medical problems, we had to go with Allstate under my suspended coverage.

This year they had us with United Healthcare for $870.50 per month.  Next year (1/1/2010) they are putting us with Blue Cross/ Blue Shield.  Out premium will be $957.00 per month.  That is a killer but what other choice do we have?”

Sam Zenor: One of the Best or One of the Worst?

Make up your own mind! There’s a rather vague posting about him here. It is a bit odd that “best insurance agents” only has one entry!

But there’s also this complaint.

A Complaint from St. Petersburg, FL

Posted in allstate, insurance, unprofessional by ihateallstate on August 4, 2008

Posted By: St. Pete Girl on 10/31/2007

“St. Pete Girl” made this complaint on 10/31/2007 about Michaels Insurance Agency:

As a warning, do not use Allstate Insurance from these people. [They] will never return your call or call you. When you do talk to him, he doesn’t recall who you are because he is too busy.

Michaels Ins. Agency Ins. – St. Pete. FL. The whole office doesn’t know about customer service. I used them for 7 years and when they drop my homeowners ins., no one call me. When you call the office, they are VERY unprofessional.

Allstate: Worst Insurer in America?

Is Allstate The Worst Insurer in America?

By Randy Diamond | Wednesday, July 9, 2008, 05:30 PM

The trade group for trial lawyers, the American Association for Justice, named Allstate as the worst insurance company in America in a study released today. The designation is not surprising, given the ongoing war between the insurer and trial lawyers over auto insurance accident claims.

Trial lawyers are not the only ones mad at Allstate. Florida insurance regulators temporarily suspended the company’s license to write new business in the spring after accusing the company of refusing to cooperate with a state investigation into the insurer’s business practices.

That investigation started after Allstate filed for a 40 percent property insurance rate hike last year, several months after reducing rates by 14 percent. State regulators were also not happy with Allstate dropping some 300,000 property customers in Florida in the last few years.

Allstate contends it’s a good insurance company. It says its actions are all about making sure the insurer has enough money to pay claims if there is a hurricane. Of course, Allstate is a also a public company, and it management is also under the gun to continue to bring profit to shareholders.

You’re in BAD HANDS with Allstate

I’ve had it with Allstate in Florida. The insurance manager governor was right when he said we should fire them and switch to another company.

This blog will keep track of the situation and also share ideas and stories.


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